High tensile stainless steel wire used in strand and rope as shown is manufactured from 2l6s31 materila (BSEN 10088-l GRADE 1.4401 - formerly GRADE 3l6S3l BS 970) in the fully austenitic condition to give maximum corrosion resistance. All strand ond rope is of balaced design with king wires providing support for the outer wires and lay lengths arranged to give maximum strenght with minimum stretch. The ropes are normally preformed right hand lay. Strands are generally postformed.

The dimensions and tensile grades conform to BS MA 29 which stipulates tolerances on nominal diameter and minimum tensile strength for wire sizes and minumum breaking force for strands and ropes. The strength of strand and rope is in excess of this requirement. Sizes above 26mm are available to special order and further details are available on request. 

DyForm 1X19 Strand and 1X7 Strand

Norseman have developed two types of Dyform which offer the advantages of low stretch with a higher breaking strenght than conventional strands. Dyform cable can be terminated with swage type terminals and sizes of 4.76mm diameter and above can also use the Norseman swageless terminal with special cones.

The cross section diagrams show how the unique Dyform process creates specially shapes wires which fill a greater proportion of the strand cross section. This means higher breaking strength and more resistance to stretch for a given diameter (a higher modulus). The manufacturing process of Dyform virtually eliminates the need to "bed in" the wires. This "bed in" process is known as pre-stressing. Constructional stretch is as low as 0,01% and is achieved virtually on the initial loading. In addition the strength is increased by approximately 30% and the modulus is increased by a similar amount.

Dyform is not suitable for ferrule secured turnback eye terminations.